What Type of Toothbrush and Toothpaste is Right For Me? | Fayetteville, GA

When it comes to oral hygiene we all know its best to have a nicely bristled toothbrush and brush twice a day for two minutes. For most of us, that is a good enough rule of thumb for our oral hygiene, but how we brush also matters.

When you go to pick out a new toothbrush, the package notes different bristle stiffness options such as “soft” or “hard”. Dentists recommend soft bristle brushes for people of all ages to decrease excess pressure and harsh brushing on your teeth and gums. Excess pressure while brushing can damage enamel and create microtears in your gum tissue.

Other decisions to make about your toothbrush include what materials it’s made from, bristle pattern and the addition of things like charcoal to the bristles.

Plastic toothbrushes with rubber grips line the lisle, but did you know toothbrushes are also made with bamboo and plant-based, compostable materials? Toothbrushes made from plant materials contribute less plastic waste to our world; simply cut off the bristles and burry the handle in your yard (or as recommended by manufacturer).

Bristle pattern and things like additional cleaning or whitening features are up to you. Whatever pattern you choose, all toothbrushes are designed to remove surface level food and stains. Toothbrushes featuring additives are not inherently bad – they can complement a well-rounded hygienic routine. Just be sure not to utilize only charcoal or use it too often, as it may serve to damage your enamel more than it whitens your teeth.

Toothpaste options tend to range from flavor to sensitivity level. Sensitivity toothpaste works by concealing dentinal tubules or desensitizing nerve endings. They also contain fluoride which works to strengthen enamel. While the flavor of your toothpaste is unique to you, stringent options such as peppermint may affect the enjoyment of your morning coffee.

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